Upgrading to Windows 10, Part 2

I took the plunge on upgrading on my main machine.  These were the hiccups:

  1. I have a DisplayLink USB/DVI adapter for an external monitor.   The “compatibility check” Windows runs prior to upgrading failed to catch that I needed to install the latest driver.  It just was a blank screen after upgrading.  So I had to get it manually from here and fortunately it seems to be work (otherwise I’d have to rush out and buy a new adapter).
  2. Vagrant somehow forgot the network interface it had been using prior and didn’t find the network interfaces installed.  Upon up, it asks “default: which interface should the network bridge to?” which is described in this issue.  So I had to upgrade VirtualBox to the latest 5.0.x test build (which is semi-compatible with Windows 10), and upgrade Vagrant to v1.7.4 to work with it.  Then upon reboot and relaunch of Vagrant I was able to pick the interface I wanted (although it still seems to forget my selection each time).
  3. My PuTTY keys quietly disappeared from the Pageant key list and had to be re-added manually.  Seem to work now though.
  4. TortoiseGit overlay icons all disappeared as per this issue which appears to point to OneDrive (which I have no intention of using) as the culprit.  I followed the steps in my comment there to work around it.


Still open: Windows Search was not indexing any program directories, so it couldn’t find any applications at all!  So I manually added all the Program directories, and we’ll see if it works.


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