Configuring GNU Mailman on Plesk 8

Again, Plesk proved to be a 4-hour time-suck, even though mailman support has supposedly been “out of the box” for awhile. Here are the important steps:

  1. If in the Plesk control panel for all clients, you do not see a “Setup Mailman” icon under Servers, then it’s already mostly set up and you don’t have to install the RPM or anything.
  2. Verify that the qrunner tasks are running. If not, then start them via mailmanctl.
  3. You probably want to make mailman always start upon boot, via chkconfig.
  4. Now, in the Plesk version of mailman, it expects you to access it at http://lists.<domain>.<tld>/mailman/ . However, inexplicably this DNS entry is not actually created for you, so you need to so in your Hosting Service Provider (HSP) Control Panel. I think this is then propagated to your own name server at some point, but for me it resolved instantly.

Hope this helps. What a pain Plesk is. But it sure does look beautiful when you’re fighting with it.

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