Migrating Joomla 1.0.x to a new server

I didn’t want to do a new install; just wanted to keep everything as-is so I could set up a dev environment. This was going from Linux to Windows, vice versa is probably the same:

  1. Copy the following directories:
    1. administrator
    2. components
    3. editor
    4. images
    5. includes
    6. language
    7. mambots
    8. templates
    9. files in /
  2. Update configuration.php with the following:
    $mosConfig_absolute_path = 'C:/.../path-to-webroot'; 
    $mosConfig_debug= '1'; // useful if you want it
    $mosConfig_error_reporting = '1'; // useful if you want it
    $mosConfig_password = 'newpassword';  // db password, looks like this may be hashed though
    $mosConfig_user = 'new-db-username';

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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