Creating a new PHP project with VS.PHP

This has tripped me up a dozen times, and I keep having to relearn it. To make a new project from an existing codebase (the most common scenario), follow these steps:

  1. Add new project
  2. Under “PHP Projects”, click “new project in existing folder” and name it
  3. Browse to location where your PHP files are
  4. Under “ignore directories”, uncheck “.svn” if it’s there. Leave everything else checked. This is the opposite of what you’d expect, and it seems like a bug to me.
  5. Chances are, the VS solution file was created as My Documents/Visual Studio 2008/Projects/PROJECTNAME/PROJECTNAME.sln. You probably want to move that to a location along with your PHP files if they’re located somewhere else.

This may well be fixed in the current version of VS.PHP, these directions are for version 2.4.

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